Today is the first day of my blog–or the first day of the rest of this blog, to warp a familiar saying. My hope is that we can hang out and inspire one another. In all my interests, if I had to name one central ambition here, it would be to keep a great conversation going–on all things tangible and intangible, however we may use them to shape our lives and our stories.

On this mild Sunday morning in late July, the call of the road is distinct and luminous, a quality of the light that reflects from the grass and mountains and sky. The road always calls on days like this one, and the summer hours of morning and evening are the most evocative of all. Few allures feel as powerful as this one, just to be outside in the bath of summer sunshine, whether you’re aloft in the fescue for a romantic picnic with a lover, dreaming of the sky and the touch of her skin, or rolling down a lonesome country road, with the windows open to the wind and some song you love on the radio, sending your mind into wonderful day dreams.

On one such exploration some years ago, I came across this town which lies about ten minutes west of Appomatox, VA, on an ox-bow piece of highway 460. I rolled in not long after dawn, as a thunder storm was sweeping by in the west. What I loved about it was the isolation and the signs of recent closure–a few dusty store windows had antiques for sale. With the exception of two stray pit bulls who came out to challenge me, though, no one was present–but for my lover in the car driving up to help me in case the dogs turned aggressive–they didn’t, thankfully.

Everything abandoned is not empty, however, and the haunting presence of people in this town reminds me that much of what we find reflected in a landscape is something we had with us all along. In this digital landscape, on these Sunday blogs, I will explore whatever calls me out of myself and into the reflective unknown. The entries will vary as far as my mind will stray, I’m sure, and will reflect the themes in my books–from family tales to ghost stories, landscape, afternoon intimacy, and more. And with any luck, some of these day trips will amuse and entertain us, as well.